VIP wedding of the year completed!! Rudding Park, Harrogate.


Well I filmed 2 of my best friends wedding over Easter and what a wedding/ weekend it was!! It was more of a holiday then anything. Staying at Rudding Park Lodges just outside of Harrogate with hot tub and sauna, drinking prosecco in the sunshine -how is this work?!?!

So Friday was relaxing day. Saturday was time to get a bit of filming in but there was a wedding taking place so I couldn’t get all that I wanted. I did manage to film inside the chapel and get some really good crane shots of the outside. Then came Sunday – wedding day!! How many bridesmaids…..I think it was 7 and 2 flower girls!! Luckily most of the bridesmaids were close friends of mine so it was purely a laugh filming them being all giddy, teary & drunk! The bride was calm & looked fab (in each of her dresses). Their wedding at Rudding Park was a grand, memorable day. The 2 photographers from James Green Studio were amazing, that amazing I want them for my wedding! Everything and everyone made this wedding fabulous.

So here is the montage of their day!!