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VIP wedding of the year completed!! Rudding Park, Harrogate.

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Well I filmed 2 of my best friends wedding over Easter and what a wedding/ weekend it was!! It was more of a holiday then anything. Staying at Rudding Park Lodges just outside of Harrogate with hot tub and sauna, drinking prosecco in the sunshine -how is this work?!?!

So Friday was relaxing day. Saturday was time to get a bit of filming in but there was a wedding taking place so I couldn’t get all that I wanted. I did manage to film inside the chapel and get some really good crane shots of the outside. Then came Sunday – wedding day!! How many bridesmaids…..I think it was 7 and 2 flower girls!! Luckily most of the bridesmaids were close friends of mine so it was purely a laugh filming them being all giddy, teary & drunk! The bride was calm & looked fab (in each of her dresses). Their wedding at Rudding Park was a grand, memorable day. The 2 photographers from James Green Studio were amazing, that amazing I want them for my wedding! Everything and everyone made this wedding fabulous.

So here is the montage of their day!!

Biiiig Easter Wedding this weekend!!!

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So I have a big challenge this weekend, filming at Rudding Park for 2 of my best friends! I’ve managed to get an assistant as this wedding will be the biggest and best wedding ever. This will also be the first time I will be using my Jib at a wedding.  I’ll be taking all of my equipment and trying and testing everything out. I’ve invested in new lenses and a new audio recorder to make this wedding extra special. Lets see how it turns out!! Exciting!! I’m staying all weekend so this gives me plenty of time to get some decent establishing shots and on the actual wedding day I can concentrate on the couple and guests (and have a sneaky glass of prosseco). Let’s hope the weather is going to be good this Easter!!

An alternative wedding speech!

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So I got asked to be Best Woman at my friends wedding. Usually I am behind the camera, so I thought I’d use my skills to make a video! I began the speech with the usual formalities and then went into my pockets to look for my speech, I then realised I had ‘lost’ the speech and proceeded to run out of the room and the video then began to play.

This is a good way to get out of standing in front of a room full of people and messing up a whole speech!

My First Post!

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Well I’m finally getting round to writing my first post! It’s been a good summer for Jary Productions and also managed to get a few holidays in! I have just finished filming for BMW and MINI and my next and last wedding of the year is at the end of October in Halifax. After October I will be concentrating on Promo Films until the wedding season comes around next year. I have a wedding next week but I’m attending as a guest, well actually Best Woman so I have to do a speech! I think I’ve devised the perfect speech – with a difference!

Last week I was in Krakow so I thought I’d attach a photo